The “God” Part of The Brain

—Praise for Matthew Alper’s Previous Work—

The God Part of The Brain title=


A Scientific Interpretation of

Human Spirituality and God

“This is an essential book for those in search of a scientific understanding of man’s spiritual nature. Matthew Alper navigates the reader through a labyrinth of intriguing questions and then offers undoubtedly clear answers that lead to a better understanding of our objective reality.”     —Elena Rusyn, M.D., Harvard Medical School

“All six billion plus inhabitants of Earth should be in possession of this book. Alper’s tome should be placed in the sacred writings section of libraries, bookstores and dwellings throughout the world. Matthew Alper is the new Galileo. Immensely important. Defines in a clear and concise manner what each of us already knew but were afraid to admit and exclaim. The cat’s out of the bag.”     —John Scoggins, Ph.D.

“Excellent reading! It often occurs to me that if, against all odds, there is a judgmental God and heaven, it will come to pass that when the pearly gates open, those who had the valor to think for themselves will be escorted to the head of the line, garlanded, and given their own personal audience.”     —Edward O. Wilson, two-time Pulitzer Prize–winner

“A lively manifesto…For the discipline’s specific application to the matter at hand, I’ve seen nothing that matches the fury of The “God” Part of the Brain, which perhaps explains why it’s earned something of a cult following.”     —

“Matthew Alper is high maintenance. Not only is his intellect superior to most Ph.D. candidates I know, but his intensity in displaying that intellect and arguing his world view is more compelling than many of my grad school courses. So, here I am, fiercely advocating this unconven-tional, first time author who, with one slim book, has thrown hundreds of years of human religious beliefs out the window and replaced them with a concise scientific view of spirituality that is impossible to argue with…The brain is the secret. In our brains lie nature’s survival mechanisms in which God is nothing but a protective lens through which humanity is programmed to view the world. Matthew Alper has the chutzpah to remove that lens, to crush it under his heel, and then, as we cringe in the unfiltered light, he dares us to look up and stare into the pure scientific truth he has discovered. The “God” Part of the Brain is a challenge at first, but once you open your mind to the potentials of its theories, there is nothing to do but follow its arguments to their logical conclusions. And although he rips away our old stiff crutches, this audacious philosopher is kind enough to spoon-feed us a new and positive way to approaching our existences!”     — Rebecca Morris, Editor-in-Chief, Cardozo Law Journal

“Your book was sensational. Your writing was clear and concise; your summation was bold and masterful.”      —William Wright, author of “Born That Way: Genes, Behavior, Personality”

”This cult classic in many ways parallels Rene Descartes’ search for reliable and certain knowledge…Drawing on such disciplines as philosophy, psychology and biology, Alper argues that belief in a spiritual realm is an evolutionary coping mechanism that developed to help humankind deal with its fear of death. Highly recommended!”     —Library Journal

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